Welcome to Mandaray Reads!

Inspired by a hashtag I started at 2am while drunk, Mandaray Reads is a blog devoted to book reviews and live-tweeting silliness. Most of what I review here are Kindle books I find for free on Amazon, though I also review stuff from my own personal bookshelf. You can find my shenanigans over at my Twitter account, @Mandaray, where I’ll be using the hashtag #MandarayReads. I usually read on Sundays, or sometimes just when the mood strikes me!

Never seen someone live-tweet a book before? Well, it might sound a bit silly, but in reality it’s grand fun. And it’s even more fun when folks like YOU join in, so don’t be shy! Some of the funnier sessions will be Storified for posterity, and I’ll be posting links to those here on the blog.

If you’re ever curious what books I’m currently reading or live-tweeting, then check out my Goodreads “Currently Reading” shelf! I also have a widget which links to this on the main blog page if you need this info at a glance. (Just click the little thing in the upper right hand corner that looks like 3 horizontal bars.)

Suggestions for what books to review or live-tweet are welcome, but keep in mind that the titles on my “To Read” list currently number in the hundreds, so the chances of me getting around to your recommendation might be a bit of a long-shot! I’m also not going to review your book if I look you up on Twitter and find out your account is all about shameless self-promotion. (At least give me some cute cat pictures to look at, seriously.)

Remember, folks: my reviews are always honest. This can lead to me seeming like a colossal jerk at times, but I promise it’s not personal. In fact, I really dislike it when people lob personal attacks at content creators of ANY kind, so if you comment (or join in on Twitter) please keep any criticisms you have focused on the author’s work and not the author themselves. Any comments on the blog I deem hateful will be edited or removed, and if you’re being toxic on Twitter, expect a meeting with my Flaming Blockhammer. (I call her Sparkles!)

All right, that’s enough about me…let’s get reading!!

(header image courtesy of http://www.morguefile.com)

(teacup rating thumbnails courtesy of my amazing friend, Marti!)


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