Review: “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard

redqueen_victoriaaveyardFinal Rating: fourcupscroppedFour cups of bright red tea

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All right, friends. Let’s take a seat and put on our “complicated feelings” hats, because I have to get some things off of my chest about this book.

More than anything, I feel torn writing this review, because despite finding the book thoroughly enjoyable…there’s nothing here that surprised me. Not one single thing. I accurately foresaw the outcome of every relationship, introduction, plot hook and cliffhanger this book had to offer; all without even having to try. Normally? A book being this predictable would be grounds for a much lower rating. And here’s where the torn part comes in, because by giving it four cups I’m placing it in some very hallowed company alongside other books which were far more challenging. While “challenge” certainly isn’t synonymous with “good” by any stretch of the imagination, I had to have a very serious internal conversation with myself about my own feelings and the limitations of star ratings when it comes to books.

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